100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The World Yoga Alliance approved courses for 100 hours are ideal for understanding the basics of yoga, its origins, its philosophy, and ways of its practical application.

During the course, the program and its content were adjusted and improved; now we can say with full confidence that it is perfectly balanced and includes all the necessary elements for teaching. For several years, hundreds of students from around the world have completed the course.

Our training, your skills:

  • You will learn to teach a yoga class as work on the body, mind, and emotions
  • You will have solid knowledge in anatomy (descriptive, functional, palpatory) because you will not understand it only, you will be led to palpate, mobilize muscles, organs, joints.
  • You will be sensitive to the alignment of the body in each posture to go in the direction of the health and the plumb
  • You will understand how to build a sequence of dynamic postures rhythmic by breathing
  • You will develop your abilities to communicate, to explain in a clear and concise way each posture
  • You will be able to read on the body of students the places of stiffness and weaknesses and will be able to bring an effective adjustment so that each student becomes unique
  • You will be initiated to meditation to develop a personal practice
  • You will have to work on you, your resistance

This program will be beneficial for those who are going to:

  • Get a full, comprehensive, practical yoga training from leading masters of yoga from the Himalayas,
  • Understand the systematized methodology of yoga (useful both for teaching yoga and for personal practice),
  • Pass a teaching workshop, having mastered the skills of communication, instruction, editing, audience analysis, lesson planning, situational modification of the lesson, individualized teaching, and many other things, step by step
  • Obtain an international certificate confirming high qualification, and
  • To practice very well in the right place with good teachers among beautiful people.

All this is accompanied by full English language support, translation of classes into Russian and with comprehensive educational materials!

This course is appropriate for all those who want to completely and irrevocably change their understanding of yoga, to bring together a single system of knowledge and skills in the field of yoga, improve their professional level and pass international qualification certification.

The course can be taken both by those who want to learn new things and consolidate their knowledge and skills in the area of yoga, as well as by experienced practitioners who are trying to improve their professional level and pass qualification certification of the international class.

Regardless of experience, students strengthen and expand their current yogic knowledge in an inspiring and empowering environment. The program will draw on the powerful knowledge and wisdom of the Rishikesh yogis of the Himalayas to provide the necessary spiritual context and correctly understand yoga. The primary objective of this program is an inspiration, personal transformation, self-discipline, and self-understanding.